31. LEGOLAND Discovery Center Shanghai

32. Deregistration Goes Easier?!

33. New Idea for the Development of Retailing Business

34. How to Use Absolute Terms under the New Advertisement Law

35. Further Expand the Industry Applicable for the Accelerated depreciation for the Fixed Assets

36. Further FAQ to the Integration Several Certificates into the Only One

37. Preferential Income Tax Policies for Small Low-profit Enterprises was Further Expanded

38. Sharing the Opinion on the New Advertisement Law

39. Further Updates on the Work Visa Issue

40. How to Find a Reliable Consulting Company?

41. Easier to Set up the Certify Company in Shanghai Free Trade Zone

42. The Integration Several Certificates into the Only One

43. Shanghai Free Trade Zone is Setting up the Overseas Talent Offshore Innovation and Starting-up Base

44. Attention: Serious Results of NOT Filing the Annual Report ON Time

45. Some Cases to be Shared for Officer's Random Checking the Company

46. Foreign Invested Financial Leasing Company

47. Chinese Government to Develop the Internet Finance Industry

48. Actions for Customs Reformation in the Shanghai FTZ and for Shanghai Technology Innovation Center

49. New Regulation on the Taxation in Respect of the Company Restructuring

50. Famous European Companies Expand their Business in Shanghai

51. Updates on Working VISA application in Shanghai

52. New Business Mode Approved by SAIC

53. Recent Instructions for Random Inspection on the Food Safety

54. Relief the Burden for Surcharges for Late Payment of Duties

55. Good News for Foreigner to Obtain the Permanent Resident Card in China

56. New Interpretation on the Tax Matters Regarding to the Asset/Equity Transfer

57. New Trend after the Expansion for Shanghai FTZ

58. New Trend for Foreign Invested Trading/Import and Export Service

59. Favorable Policy for High Technology Companies in Shanghai

60. A Good Chance for Foreign Investor: Shanghai is Setting up the Global Technology Innovation Center

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